From passion to profession

Where to begin? During one late night feeding session with my infant son, Jonah, I was researching how to reupholster a chair that had been handed down to us. I knew how to sew, my husband and I had recently renovated our 1980s condo, so surely I was up for the task of reupholstering a wingback chair! Soon I found myself in the library checking out numbers books on upholstery and viewing countless videos on youtube by various professionals. I was captivated and also intimidated by the task at hand.

Wanting to tackle something simple for my first upholstery project, I asked my husband to build a simple bench frame for me. Our business was then born!

This shop is the long journey from DIYer to professional upholsterer. We love every step of the process, from working with the clients individually to making something unique and well-made.

From our home to yours, we make our items with a love for the craft. We are proud to be able to provide well crafted pieces for your space. This truly has been our calling, and we feel privileged to have so many of our pieces scattered in homes across the country.

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